I’m an amateur visual practitioner.

You already create visual maps but you feel they don’t have a professional look.

In this one-day workshop you will learn to:
Help yourself with the Survival kit.
Master children pro techniques.
Understand how to overcome creative blocks.
Improve your skills like a pro.
Train Mapping tricks.
Deal with your clients and engage prospects.
Get ideas to Market your work.
Yes I want to become a Pro


I’m taking my first steps.

You are already working as a graphic recorder or graphic facilitator. You still need specific advice related to your visual storytelling work during the year.
What about a panic button?

Anytime you need help, you can contact me to ask me questions, and get feedback. Imagine some kind of red telephone line but with whatspapp, email or skype to show me your work and receive a helpful advice.
Due to the limited number of people to whom I can guarantee effective follow-up, I’m taking just up to 8 scribers per year. Sign in to be one of those privileged scribers in 2019.
Yes, I want to feel more confident


I’m a powerpoint slave.

Lots of powerpoint are made not to create effective messages but to show how hard you’ve worked on them. The result: paragraphs nobody reads, numbers nobody understands, presentations nobody gets engaged.

So even if you think you are not good at drawing in this one day seminar you’ll learn how to transform presentations into visual stories. How to present your ideas to colleagues with simple illustrations, powerful metaphors, and effective results.
No software dependence, no mindsets. Just papers and markers and the ability to transform ideas and numbers in effective disrupting visual storytelling presentations.
Yes, I want to break free


I‘m giving a speech.

There’s something to tell and you need someone to document that in events and meetings.

Visual scribing it’s not just summarizing by putting together a bunch of keywords and icons. It’s the ability to hear what is being told and transform that into a visual map that tells a story.
Yes, I want to engage my audience


My company’s office is gray.

How do you remind clients and prospects, who you are? Do you ask them to read your powerpoint again and again?

“Vandalize my windows” it’s a great way to present your company.
You don’t have to open and show anything. It’s there! Your windows, doors or murals are a great canvas to remind people your message and decorate your office.
One more thing: As Heraclitus said: “there’s nothing permanent except change” So they are not permanent! Just washable markers and chalks. What happens if something changes? The message could also change!
Yes, I want to break free


I’m a coach. Nobody understands my graphics.

As a coach you talk and draw. Because of performing two activities simultaneously, your fast sketches are understood only by you.

In addition, you find it difficult to illustrate abstract problems with simple designs.
You will learn how to summarize a problem and transform it into a clear visual concept to help problem solving. Extract key abstract and complex thoughts and translate them into visual metaphors that everybody will understand. A one day course where you will learn how to be clear even with stick figures!


There is a story behind my brand I want to tell.

Your company, the product and services you sell, have a lot to say ,…If you listen carefully, if you ask the people that are involved, there’s always a great story to tell.

It’s time to change the narrative: Comic Telling is a great way to create a visual adventure of your brand by using comic strips: a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display a narrative story with text in balloons and captions. It’s engaging, it’s simple to read and people love it!