How do you remind clients and prospects, who you are? Do you ask them to read your powerpoint again and again?

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How do you manage to spread your company’s mission; to constantly remind your people which the values of the company they work for are. How do you tell clients and prospects that come to visit you, who you are before you make them a formal presentation. Do you ask them to see and read your powerpoint? What about the second and the third time or every day you meet the people you care. You tell them to see your ppt again and again?

You can’t be what you can’t see.” Marian Wright Edelman

“Vandalize my windows” it’s a great way to present your company.
You don’t have to open and show anything. It’s there! Your windows, doors or murals are a great canvas to remind people your message and decorate your office.

One more thing: As Heraclitus said: “There’s nothing permanent except change” So they are not permanent! Just washable markers and chalks. What happens if something changes? The message could also change!

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