The perfect one day workshop for those who make long ppt presentations that nobody reads.

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Because nobody is paying you attention.

It’s time to learn an effective way to present your ideas in a simple way.
Most business presentations are made on PowerPoint. So probably after years working in a company, you have mind sets. You structure presentations based on slide sequences, many times building upon old presentations made by other colleagues. These mindsets create mental models that shape every aspect of your presentations and at the end all powerpoints are the same. Lots of slides are made not to create effective messages but to show how hard you’ve worked on them. The result: paragraphs nobody reads, numbers nobody understands, presentations nobody gets engaged.

So even if you think you are not good at drawing in this one day seminar you’ll learn how to transform presentations into visual stories. How to present your ideas to colleagues with simple illustrations, powerful metaphors, and effective results.

No software dependence, no mindsets. Just papers and markers and the ability to transform ideas and numbers in effective disrupting visual storytelling presentations.