Short videos designed for teaching and explain.

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Because there’s nothing more hipnotic than watching a line become a drawing.

You have a distracted audience. It will be difficult to gain their attention, but you need to send your message through. Whiteboard animation allows you to explain something in one minute and a half. No impatience, No delays, just effective storytelling in a short animated format.

Whiteboard animation is not really animation: You won’t see moving or talking characters, motion graphics, or any other animation approach. It just consists of a video that shows static images drawn on a whiteboard by a hand. But because the drawing hand becomes overuse in tones of videos, it is better to produce these videos without the hand. Just the line that creates an image.

Because some psychological studies show that viewers actually try to anticipate the completion of an artist’s drawing and wait to see if their assumption is correct.

Yes you can, but I suggest to use a pro. It is key to professionally convey the message of your brand. Online platforms like Fiverr.com offers a huge variety of professionals with decent prices.

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