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One to one year coaching to find direction in your work as a Visual Practitioner.

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Because you still have doubts and you need guiding answers.

You are one of those who’s recently started working as a graphic recorder or graphic facilitator. You already know how to do visual maps. But because you are taking your first steps you still have doubts.

You feel you need specific advice related to your visual storytelling work during the year.
What about a panic button?
Anytime you need help, you can contact me to ask me questions, show me your visual work, and get feedback. Imagine some kind of red telephone line. We establish a direct communication link: whatspapp, email, skype or whatever makes you feel more comfortable to show me your work and receive a helpful advice.

Due to the limited number of people to whom I can guarantee effective follow-up, I’m taking just up to 8 scribers per year. Sign in to be one of those privileged scribers in 2019.

I can coach you by giving you advice, but I won’t make any operative work. I’ll show you the recipes but you have to cook.

By e-mail, WhatsApp or by Skype.  

Your one year subscription to this service starts from the date of purchase.