The intensive training course for Visual Practitioners that want to upgrade to Pro.


Because you have already done all the courses that say “we all can draw!”

You have some experience but you feel your maps don’t have a professional look.
You feel insecure when mapping in front of an audience.
You find difficulty in representing abstract concepts while visually mapping a speech.
You use a lot of random colors.
You cannot distinguish what is important and tend to map everything.
You want to make a leap in quality towards a more professional output.

In this one-day workshop you will learn to:
Help yourself with the Survival kit.
Discover children Pro techniques.
Understand how to overcome creative blocks.
Improve your skills like a pro.
Master Visual Metaphors to illustrate abstract concepts.
Apply clear storytelling techniques.
Learn layout schemes to clarify understanding of your maps.
Train mapping tricks.
Get ideas to market your work to engage prospects.