No matter how hard you try, when your work is finished you see your map and you have the sensation it doesn’t look like a pro map.

How can you make this map come alive? Which are the missing elements to help you make this thing pop up?

I’m gonna give you 3 tips you probably haven’t yet consider:

1) Play with different sizes:
Small things and big things are often more interesting together than drawing all your map elements with the same size. This also help people to understand which are the most important things on your map.

2) You are overusing colors
It’s unnecessary and also confusing. Start by trying with two color schemes. Colors that match together; combine and match complementary colors (colors on opposite sides of the color wheel) are exciting together; or just the same colors of your clients client’s logo.

3) Nice Lettering is important
Even though people will not be reading everything, you have to try to draw nice lettering. It helps readability. Of course you don’t have to be a “black belt in calligraphy” because you won’t have the time but at least do your best with titles and main keywords.

These tips could take some time to get the hang of them but they are worth to try.

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